joseph daniel buchan
b. december 1994


                                  bachelor of fine arts, (interactive composition) gr. 2015
                                  university of melbourne, faculty of the victorian college of the arts

                                 certificate IV, (sound production) gr. 2017
                                 royal melbourne institute of technology

                                 melbourne global scholar at the
                                 university of california, berkeley (music department), 
studios/live sound:

                                 smooch records: studio assistant, june 2017 - october 2017

                                 smooch records: in-house engineer, october 2017 - august 2018
                                 woodstock studios: second engineer, september 2018 - december 2018
                                   mPavillion: A/V intern, september 2018 - february 2019

selected discography:

                                joseph - her
                                on Supermarket Music vol. 1 on Midnight Special Records, with Felicity Yang, Nico Niquo, elkkle, and OBA 
                                     [compilation curated by Joseph Buchan for Midnight Special Records in Paris, France] 

                                  caspian joseph - get with you/lose my love
single on Good Sorts, 2014/2015.

                                joseph - swimming with blue whales
                                self released 6 track EP, limited edition cassette tape, october 2016

                                other joe - alien haze
                                11 track album released on label .jpeg Artefacts, limited edition cassette, march 2019

                                    other joe & virtual .amb - foyer installation at A Nice Warm Bath
                                    installation with video artist Amber ter Hedde at the Melbourne Music Week event A Nice Warm Bath
                                    november 2018

                                    polyphony of form - musical accompaniment for experimental dance and fashion runway
                                    live score for work by William Duan at the Anthenaum Theatre, Melbourne
                                    october 2015
                                    CalCreate at Berkeley Maynard Academy, 2015 
                                    facilitating a Creative Arts (music production, painting, performance) after school program for students of Berkeley Maynard Academy in Oakland, CA.

                                    UpBeat at the Youth Junction, VISY Care Hub, Sunshine 2016-present
                                    teaching Music Production and Vocal Engineering to young adults (14-21 y/o).

                                    3MBS Fine Music Radio, 2016
                                    data wranging (exporting and batch processing of pre-recorded performances), production for their “Illuminations” radio series. 

score work:                
                                    CUT, dir. Frouwke Hendricks ’13 – songwriter, composer, sound design
                                    Sugar Pine Falls, dir. David Morris ’13-14 – songwriter, composer
                                    Northern Star, dir. Patrick McBain ’13 – songwriter.                                  
                                  Dreams Never End, dir. Patrick McBain ’14 – composer
                                  Slug, dir. Patrick McBain ‘15 - composer
                                    Tasty, dir. David Morris, ‘16 - composer (with Darcy Baylis)
                                    Metamorphasis dir. Ann Ravinther ‘17 - composer, sound design
                                 The Place To Be dir. Lewis Rodan ‘18 - composer  

clients include:
                                 Darcy Baylis, HABITS, Juice Webster (of HEMM), Lalic x Slippy Mane,

                                 Javan Ash, Adore, Nico Niquo, Archer Depthless, Liluzu,
                                 Jono Skourletos (of Alex Lahey), The Astral Plane Parade, The Dull Joys

dj mixes:
                                    joseph - TMI-X

                                    an hour of original ambient music for local collective Three Mile

                                    other joe - in your mind X
                                    tenth installment of the in your mind/in your body mix series for local collective Bleus

                                 other joe & nico niquo - Sanpo 136

                                    mix of exclusively ECM records with Nico Niquo for the Sanpo Disco mix series

                                 other joe - alien haze awareness hour
                                    mix for radio station Skylab Radio promoting the album Alien Haze

misc. press:

                                    Darcy Baylis’ ‘Intimacy and Isolation’ (mixing + vocal engineering + additional production) was a finalist for the Australian Music Prize 2017
                                    HABITS’ “Selfie” (mixing + vocal engineering) video featured on Noisey, the AU Review, Pilerats, and more.
                                    A track of mine is in the last ever Wondercore Island Mixtape.
                                    Pat McBain’s Slug (composer) screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.
                                    David Morris’ “Tasty” (composer) screened at the Austin International Film Festival,                                  
                                    Darcy Baylis’ “Taste of Cherry” (mixing + vocal engineering + additional production) featured on Red Bull, I OH YOU, Pilerats, Purple             Sneakers, and more.
                                    An interview with me in THUMP Magazine
                                    Darcy Baylis’ “D4” (mixing) in C-Heads Magazine, and in Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist.

this CV is a selection of work.
please contact me for a complete and up to date resume.